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Between Hymettus and the Saronic sea there stretches the modem seaside suburb of Alimos and welcomes you to its beauties and history.

Its name comes from the ancient word Halimous. “Als” is the ancient Greek for the “sea”, salt, while “alimos” is the name of the plant glasswort which used to grow in abundance in the area. During the classical era (5th - 4th c.B.C.), the current administrative area of Alimos used to be the deme of Halimous and part of the deme of Euonymon. Halimous ad Euonymon were demes of Attica whose delegates participated in the Athenian Boule (Council) of the Five Hundred, while it is well known that Halimous was the birthplace of the great historian Thucydides as well as the place where the renowned festival of the Thesmophoria used to be held.

The city of Alimos :

  • has 41.153 inhabitants
  • covers an area of 7,4 km2
  • is an ideal resort with a coastline of 240.000 m2
  • includes excellently equipped public and private beaches, refreshment and green areas
  • has the largest marina in Greece
  • The share of the population that is economically active is 46.4% whereas the unemployment rate accounts for the 18%.
  • The vast majority (72.3%) of the citizens is employed in the tertiary sector. In particular tourism activities and retail services constitute the basis of the municipality’s economy. In fact, Alimos coastline, alongside to its marina has contributed to the tourism development of the area. Moreover, due to the economic importance of retail services, which employ the 20% of the population working in the tertiary sector, the Municipality of Alimos has created an electronic business park that allows companies and SMEs to advertise their activity

Innovative projects

  • Public electric vehicle charging station
  • Magnetizer fuel energizer
  • Wifi4eu: free wifi for Europeans our municipality is registered

• IoT platform for remote monitoring of water and energy consumption in school buildings of Municipality of Alimos