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Geographical position MIdvaal Local Municipality (MLM) is one of the three local municipalities that makes up the Sedibeng District Municipality. MLM is 1772 km? in extent. Population The MLM has a total population of 95,300 (Source StatsSA: 2011 Census) and the population has increased to 111 600 as per the Community Surveys conducted in 2016. The population has been growing at 3.94% rate. History of Midvaal Midvaal was formed in December 2000 when Meyerton was seperated from Vereeniging and combined with five rural local area committees. To meet the needs of 83 000 people, the council passed a 2001/02 budget of a mere R125m. Midvaal had a salary bill for the 320 staff it had inherited, many of them anything but fit for the new roles allocated to local government. By contrast, in 2012 Midvaal employs fewer than twice that many staff (620) while possessing five times the assets. The municipalities staffing ratio in 2012 is an effective 28%. To date the municipality has a total of 723 employees. Legislative, socioeconomic conditions Employment rate The municipality has an employment rate of 81.2%. Unemployment rate is: 18.8% Youth unemployment rate is 25.4% Education Above 60% of the total population of Age 20+ in Midvaal LM area of jurisdiction has a literacy of grade 7 and higher. Sectors of the economy