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Smederevo is a city in Serbia, on the right bank of the Danube, about 45 kilometres (28 miles) downstream of the capital Belgrade. Development and investments Industrial Zone Smederevo Iron Works is located 7 km southeast of the city, is also the most significant half of the city development, linked to the production of pig iron and steel, or ferrous metallurgy segment. It covers an area of about 300 ha, with high values of techno-economic and spatial characteristics in terms of water consumption (it has its own source of drinking water), the amount of wastewater (which is evacuated through the collector of the river Ralja), electricity consumption (developed network of transmission lines), large transport volume of input and output load (within the zone is the railway station), with a prominent position in the system of production links in the republic, and now increasingly in trans-spatial dimenziji. The industrial zone west from the center - a traditional zone of the old ironworks area of 21 ha, is also a mono-character and high values of techno-economic characteristics. Industrial Zone in Godominska field northeast of the city, is divided into several sub-zones. It is actually about the economic zone which is sufficiently spacious rounded, nekomletnog content or large spatial-development opportunities. New industrial zone and industrial park - The realization of the project of infrastructural equipping of the new industrial zone (84ha), adopted a plan of detailed regulation, resolution of property issues and design are underway with the support of the NIP. City of Smederevo is an environment with a positive business climate. Indicator development are numerous letters of intent firms that do business in the territory of the industrial park, industrial zone and the Free Zone.