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Knjazevac area is settled during prehistoric times, the evidenced of this are settlements of Baranica, ?kodrino polje, Dubrava, etc., horsman cave drawing in Gabrovnica and other archaeological findings. The ancient chronicler Pliny (II century AD) records this territory as a part of the Roman province of Moesia in which live Mezi people, Thracians, Dardanians, Tribals, Timahs, who had been formed, in symbiosis with the Slavic tribes, the local indigenous population of Timo?ani, called Putuklije Doing business in Knjazevac ? New established companies don't pay local comunal tax for one year. ? The Municipality of Knja?evac allows reducing the land tax (preparation of urban construction land) to investors in case they employ more than 10 workers. In this case, the investor pays 20% of the determined amount of tax. ? Company which uses a rented land, can obtain the benefit of 0.5% for each employed worker, with an option to pay the lease in instalments. ? If the investor participates in the construction of certain facilities of municipal infrastructure, he is exempted from the obligation to pay compensation for the invested amount. ? The market price of the land in the town of Knja?evac is 5-15 ˆ/m2, depending on the location. ? On Stara planina, from 2 to 30 ˆ/m2, depending on the location. ? In Banjica, from 3 to 15 ˆ/m2, depending on the location Strategic Planing ? Strategy of sustainable development (2010-2020) ? Rural development strategy (2010-2020) ? Strategic plan for social policy (2008-2012) ? Youth action plan (2010-2014) ? Tourism development action plan (2011-2016) ? Waste management action plan (2011-2021) ? Action plan for prevention and control of substance abuse (2011-2015) ? Master plan for use of a hydro potentials Support to the investors ? Development Agency of Knjazevac ? Economy Council ? Association of Entrepreneurs ? Municipality of Knjazevac is Certificated as business-friendly municipality (NALED) Economy Main industries in Knjazevac: ? Shoe production ? Textile industry ? Food processing