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Timi?oara is the capital city of Timi? County, in western Romania. One of the largest Romanian cities.It is the main social, economic and cultural centre in the western part of Romania. Development Priorities Timisoara is pursuing an innovative and sustainable economic development, in parallel with the development of the industrial sectors that use ICT. A major development priority is to ensure a stable and diversified economic growth through development of intelligent and creative services that use the highly qualified labor force existing in the area and the industries that use ICT. Another priority are programs aimed at creating business support infrastructures while improving local public administration performance through increased transparency, efficiency and customer service. Timi?oara must also maintain and strengthen its position as a polarizing commercial center, due to its large outlet markets and high purchasing power of the population. Investment Preferences In Timi?oara there are attractive industrial sites, with good connections to infrastructure, with rent prices ranging between 30 and 150 Euro / sqm. Industrial sites in the west and southwest of the city, namely in ?agului and Torontalului areas, have developed mainly due to the location of major companies along the main arteries of access to the city. Prices on industrial and storage platforms are different, depending on distances to roads and existing infrastructure. The city's administration has set up industrial parks, which are particularly attractive because they have optimal access to the public infrastructure and can be leased under very favorable conditions Timi?oara