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Arad is the capital city of Arad County, historically situated in the regions of Cri?ana, and having recently extended on the left bank of the Mure? river, in Banat region of western Romania. An important industrial center and transportation hub on the Mure? River. The city has a population of 159,704, making it the 12th largest city in Romania. Arad is the third largest city in the western part of the country, behind Timi?oara and Oradea. With a rich industrial and commercial tradition, Arad is one of the most prosperous towns in Romania. Thanks to numerous investments in industry and commerce, Arad has a booming economy. The main industries are: freight and passenger railway cars, clothing and textiles, food processing, furniture and household accessories, equipment for the car industry, electric components, instrumentation and shoes. OFFER FOR INVESTORS Arad