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Odivelas is one of the newest counties of Portugal, having been created on November 19, 1998. Is located in the district of Lisbon, Region of Extremadura. As part of the Lisbon Metropolitan Area, has borders with the municipalities of Loures, Amadora, Lisbon and Sintra. Since 2013, it is administratively divided into 4 parishes, Odivelas, Union of Parishes Pontinha and Fam?es, Union of Parishes of P?voa de Santo Adri?o and Olival Basto and the Union of Parishes of Ramada and Cane?as, distributed in an area of 26.4 km2. Geographically the Odivelas municipality takes the peripheral territorial status of the capital Lisbon, currently being a county with a recognized urban and social quality and outstanding at national level, with enhanced identity and being the holder of good references in structural areas such as education, action and social support, sport and culture. According to the last census movement, Odivelas municipality had, in 2011, an area of 26.4 km2, 144,549 inhabitants, a population density of 5,484 inhabitants/km2, being the third most densely populated county in the area of Greater Lisbon, with an aging index of 107.9, one longevity index of 40.6, a birth rate of 12.3%, a 7% mortality rate, registering 1.06 foreign residents per 100 inhabitants. In 2011, 16.3% of the population of the municipality was elderly, having also recorded an increase in average life expectancy, and an increase of the economically active population of the municipality (75,838 inhabitants) and 52 activity fee, 47% higher than that recorded in the Greater Lisbon area (50.16%) and also at national level (47.56%). The geographical proximity of Odivelas to the capital associated with the recent development of road infrastructure and new investments in accessibility and mobility allowed reposition the territory of Odivelas in economic, cultural, urban. Odivelas is a territory with a high potential to be promoted and value, because of that it has been done an investment in the consolidation and improvement of the local community conditions and increasing the attractiveness of the territory. In order to promote a closer, more accessible and simplified procedures, Lisboa implemented, in conjunction with the Central Administration, a Citizens Service, which is the center of change and evolution of a new form of relationship between citizen and companies in the public sector and with some of the leading specialized services. This space was strategically located in major shopping center's own proactive county and recent example of the establishment of companies in the county and creating jobs. Odivelas has stimulated local economic development and job creation, through the attraction and welcoming new businesses and companies, focused on innovation and development (I & D) and entrepreneurship, the establishment of companies and attracting investment, seeking an inclusive, balanced and sustainable economy. Odivelas has implemented several projects to centralize companies and producers in the county in a perspective of capital gains to its citizens and territory. Promoting entrepreneurship, stimulating the local economy, is one of the key fl ags of the City Council. In this sense, created the Business Incubator called "Start in Odivelas", which will give priority to competitiveness, productivity and entrepreneurial creativity, and the elimination of costs and obstacles of small business installation in the county, contributing to the development and rejuvenation of the business fabric of the City of Odivelas. Under the project "Start in Odivelas" was created the International Business Office, which aims to support companies in the construction of a pre-diagnosis of its potential for internationalization and identifying business opportunities in potential markets while will open, soon, a job center in Odivelas, in an employment protection logic. The City Council will also promote interaction with the business community and educational institutions, research and development in order to take advantage of benefi ts, synergies and complementarity resulting therefrom as well as the promoters of entrepreneurship in order to ensure privileged access to partnerships, national and international, thus providing services and start-ups its implementation in a business context. In promoting and boosting the local economy and the creation and protection of jobs, were also carried out numerous initiatives and implemented municipal programs, including the Anti-Austerity Program "ODIVELAS SUPPORTS MORE", which includes a wide range of measures to companies and persons, which are: the reduction of property taxes (IMI), the exemption from Pour for all companies that locate its head offi ce in the County of Odivelas, and introduction of tax benefi ts for those who prove to have maintained or created new jobs, among others. In 2011, Odivelas featured a business density of 544.3 companies / km2, occupying the 3rd position within the nine municipalities that constitute the Greater Lisbon, being the tertiary sector the predominant, like the existing reality in the Greater Lisbon. The activities with the highest number of companies are the construction, transport and storage, consultancy activities and the wholesale and retail and also the repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles. Odivelas is a more sustainable municipality regarding the spatial planning taking care of neighborhoods, legalizing, receiving and regenerating. Achieving that by betting on the redevelopment of the historic centers and rejuvenation of the aging areas, catapulting the environment, energy and mobility. It