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Rawicz lies in the south-western part of Wielkopolska. Municipality fits very well in the main thoroughfares of the country. In the municipality Rawicz cross S5 DK 36. Looking globally, the area municipality located in the zone of influence of the Central European Transport Corridor CETC-ROUTE 65. From Wroclaw, lying on the A4 motorway, 60 km separate us; from Poznan while lying on the A2 motorway - 100 km. Distance from Rawicz to Berlin is 300 km. Commune is inhabited by about 29 600 people, of which Rawicz in the lives of almost 20 300. I PRZEDSI?BIORCY OUR PRIORITIES IN INVESTOR SERVICE ? we provide support with administrative procedures: starting with the decision about investment, through building permit, to the assistance with current business ? we help with labor market research, collaborating with Powiatowy Urz?d Pracy (District Employment Agency) we are willing to support investor with the recruitment of qualified workers ? we provide support in searching reliable subcontractors and business partners ? we offer help in searching developers of industrial buildings ? we promote investors in our schools, in order to make students more familiar with local labor market ? we promote investors in gmina