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Rzesz?w is the largest city in south-east Poland, the capital of Podkarpackie province and the centre of Rzesz?w Metropolitan Area. It is the seat of self-government and province authorities, government and legal institutions. The city is an economic, scientific, cultural and leisure centre for south-east Poland. It is an important focal point for such industries as: aviation, IT, chemical, trade, construction and service. It is a dynamically developing city of young and enterprising people. RZESZOW IN NUMBERS Area: 116.32 square kilometers Population: 185 thousand Share of population in productive age: 67% Number of students: 60 thousand Percentage of technical students: 30% Unemployment rate: 7.7% The budget of Rzesz?w in 2015: Revenue and income: 1,275 billion PLN Including expenditure on investment: 467 million PLN The share of investment expenditure in total expenditure: 37% LOCATION Rzesz?w, situated in vicinity of Wis?ok river, is a place where two geographical lands meet: fl at, forrested Sandomierska Valley and beautifully shaped, hilly Carpathian Plateau. Several important tracks intersect here: the international A-4 motorway, ensuring a convenient link between the European road system and Ukraine, as part of the 3rd Pan European Corridor and an international E-40 Route from Dresden to Kiev. Domestic routes numbers 9 and 19 provide the shortest connection between Scandinavian and Baltic countries and Middle-Eastern Europe. Also the main West-East rail route E-30, which is of international economic signifi cance, runs through Rzesz?w. One of Rzesz?w