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Bosnia and Herzegovina


Brcko District is a unique space in the heart of the Balkans. It is located in the northeast of Bosnia and Herzegovina on the right bank of the Sava river. The Sava river is an internationally navigable river whose port on the shore of Br?ko enriches the international communication in Bosnia and Herzegovina. As a part of core SEETO Network, the Port of Brcko enables direct shipments of goods from the Sava river to Danube basin ports in Western and Eastern Europe as well as to ports on the North and Black Sea. Brcko District is situated at the border with the Republic of Croatia and very near to the border with the Republic of Serbia, at the center of triangle of three capital cities: Sarajevo, Belgrade and Zagreb. Since its foundation, this community bears the marks of multiethnic and multicultural values. The specific status and powers of Brcko District were determined by the