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Czech Republic


The company runs intra-state and international bus transport operations, truck transport, servicing of utility vehicles, trucks and buses. FTL a.s. offers motor diesel and CNG at fuel stations. It further provides a car wash to customers as well as spaces suitable for storage, and also offers comprehensive customs services. The company sells trucks, buses and other utility vehicles. It also sells spare parts for these vehicles. Last but not least are the services provided by the travel agency CK FTL, which every year prepares new and interesting offers for its clients.

FTL - First Transport Lines, a.s. was founded on 1 May 1992 by privatisation of the state company ČSAD Brno, Prostějov Plant, which was established in 1949. In the period 1994 - 1996, major changes occurred in the ownership relations and natural persons - the managers of the joint stock company - became the decisive owners in this period. The majority owner of the company is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Joint Stock Company, Jaroslav Hanák, who holds a stake of more than 53%. In this period, the company’s long-term strategy was also adopted with the objective to become the best transport company of comparable size in the Czech Republic.

The company currently has about 250 employees and its turnover in 2018 was more than CZK 649 million.