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SIA Strek - is an opportunity to work with distant markets with maximum efficiency, forming consignments for Panamax vessels over 70 thousand tons. SIA Strek operates in the free economic zone at the Riga Freeport and offers: o Stevedoring services o Reception, storage and handling of cargoes o Processing, screening, crushing and magnetic clearing of steel coils o Forwarding services o Customs clearance o Ship's agency services SIA Strek operates since November 14, 1991 and today meets high-quality standards, confirmed by the ISO 9001:2008 certificate. Since 1992 the SIA Strek specializes in coal transshipment using the ideal geographical location of the port of Riga between the East and the West. Due to the deep-water berths with length of 357 and 217 meters SIA Strek serves large loads, to be shipped to end customers in Europe, Latin America, Southeast Asia and Africa. Vast cargo area (about 25,000 m2, the rate of simultaneous storage of 150,000 tons) and a set of powerful equipment ensure handling of 4 million tons per year at the loading rate of 10,000 tons per day (the maximum possible loading rate of 30,000 tons per day). Reliability, quality and speed of service are the three platforms on which SIA Strek bases its business activity.