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Company description Alexandria Container & Cargo Handling Company is the first specialized Container Handling Terminal in Egypt .The company operate two major terminals ,the first is the Alexandria container terminal at the port of Alexandria and the second is ElDekheila terminal at port of Dekheila . The company obtianed the ISO9002 certificate in February 1998 and the ISO 9001-2000 QMS. It was also granted the certificate of O.H.S.A.S- 180001/99 in year 2004. Company mission The company offers an optimal blend of Maritime Services, comprising stevedoring and storage with complete safety, security, and competitive tariff of both Domestic Foreign Trade and Transshipment Container Handling in the East Mediterranean matching with the Standard Performance Measures of the Industry. Company vision The company is planning to be the leader in facing the growth in the volume of containers traffic. Offering an integrated and distinguished service as well as adding new activities to the multimodal transport chain.