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Cote d'Ivoire


USC LOGISTICS.SA (Universal Services Company Logistics S.A) is an Ivorian company located in Western Africa and affiliated to USC.sa (Universal Services Company) which is an international office. An accredited shipping forwarding, stevedoring company, being integrated into the maritime, air and shipping industry. We are representative of trademark SRL (Italy), Swift Freight International (Dubai, United Arab Emirates), working partnership with Ogefrem (Republic of Congo), CNC Angola and Dimotrans Group. We provide a comprehensive range of transport solutions in Africa and all over the world. USC LOGISTICS.SA is well organized and managed by efficient, reliable shipping staff and experienced team of consultants who are qualified to handle all aspects of shipping activities. Our scope of operations is very large as far as handling goods and vessels in the port is concerned. We are certified by ministry of equipment, transport and communication to provide goods and services. With our professional staff, we do ensure the utmost care for a speedy service and accurate dispatch. Main Activities: