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United Arab Emirates


Profit General Trading (PGT) was established in 2011 and has earned a reputation for its organic animal fodder and food products at competitive prices with continuous supply and the added value of a top-notch customer-relationship management program.

The company is engaged in general trading and deals in a broad array of industries, including Food& Beverages, Fruits, Organic Crops, Animal Fodder, Agriculture, Irrigation, Lights & Lighting, Computers & Networks, Power and Electrical Equipment, E-commerce.

The company is operated by a team of professionals with a strong business background, led by business-oriented management that direct and track all activities whiles oversee potential opportunities to strengthen the company and serve more sectors in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region.

The company has grown from 2,000,000 AED revenue in 2014 to 25,000,000 AED in 2016 and 45,000,000 AED in 2017, and with projected revenue exceeding 60,000,000 AED for 2019.

Our core competency is Customer Satisfaction; as we put more focus on every detail of interaction with our customer and we have built a strong relationship with our everyday customers through our distributed sales points, which have sustained regular business interaction for the past couple of years.

Most of our supplies are imported from Sudan, due to our strong present in there and our valuable partnership with Sudanese manufacturer and agricultural projects. And due to our range of product and services; the company target both retail and commercial markets.

PGT’s move into Agro-technology adoption in Sudan will help drive the firm to even greater success over the years to come. The global trend for organic food is driving up demand, and PGT is determined to stay ahead in this field, ultimately, this approach proves that PGT’s focus on innovation is paying off, and going forward it will remain central to the firm’s ongoing growth.


Having been in the variety of industries for years, our company understands the intricacy of these sectors. We stand out to be a leading business that promotes best practices and pursues differentiation and value simultaneously.


We pride ourselves in being customer focused, quality leader, profitable yet socially responsible. We are constantly engaging with our customers, suppliers, and communities to translate our strategy into measurable, tangible success.

Our values


We believe that our success depends on the company's reputation to achieve integrity as well as the public confidence we have gained through this reputation. We respect the interests of our customers, and we honor our commitments with them and we only promise what we can actually do.


We value and encourage both innovation and expertise in our team. Our managers and employees have extensive experience in our core business and many of them have been pioneers in our industry and as a result of large volume of trading, we have been able to form strong execution relationships with our stakeholders.


We believe and we encourage the environment in which the spirit of collective action and collaboration are maintained while avoiding the weakness of ego and involving various stakeholders in decision-making. Everyone is aware of the information without monopoly, our meetings are not for calling and issuing orders from a subordinate head but rather to exchange ideas and solutions in transparent, clear, and integrated manner and believe in the others opinion, in order to have creative group.

Our organization encourage a non-authoritarian interest in which everyone actively participates, shares responsibility, gains and costs, and brings together mutual respect, our environment combines common interests rather than conflicting individual interests.


We challenge the current situation and deal with speed and agility to drive global growth. We encourage our employees to come up with new ideas and seek opportunities for improvement.


We respect our commitments to customers, employees, service providers, government authorities, regulators, other companies, serve our communities and support each other; we are committed to providing our customers with products and services in an efficient and innovative manner that suits their needs. We also provide a fast, convenient, reliable, competitive and high-quality trading environment.

Product Range

PGT trades in different and verities of sectors/products that includes:

  • Solar
  • Mining
  • Industrial
  • Machinery
  • Lights & Lighting
  • Safety & Security
  • Telecommunication
  • Computers & Networks
  • Power & Electrical Equipment
  • Organic Crops
  • Animal Fodder
  • Food& Beverages

• Agriculture & Irrigation