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Main types of activity:

  1. Marketing of Kenyan Tea produced by over 700,000 small scale tea farmers; the tea produced account for 5% of Kenya’s National GDP.
  2. The tea produced is exported to various parts of the world including United Kingdom, Pakistan, Sudan, CIS Countries & Middle East markets.
  3. One of the top 5 buyers at the Mombasa Tea Auction in Kenya.
  4. A Modern Blending and Tea packing facility that packs tea for export markets.
  5. We offer Warehousing services whereby we have over 900, 000 square feet of ultra-modern warehouse space.
  6. The only warehouse that has a Racking facility for tea storage in this part of the region.

Main achievements in 2017-2018:

The annual turnover increased to Kenya Shillings 19.3 Billion equivalent to USD 0.193 Billion – an increase of 16% from the previous year.

Innovative projects and technologies:

  1. A Tea Racking facility in the warehouse which has increased the storage capacity.

An ERP system for stocks maintenance.