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Saudi Arabia


Deraah trade company was established 1976 by its founder sheikh Ali Al Hadi as a national organization works in the activity of the perfumes the process of the growth and development in Deraah has not stopped since that time until it became big edifice has stable and conscious pace in the Saudi and gulf market. The beginning was through a small group of stores specialized in perfumes and followed by adding some of the activities of cosmetics, accessories for men and women and Oud. These shops are managed through small headquarter of the organization in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia, and then it was developed wholesale department as Deraah was able Good-proliferation and reach to the consumer in various areas in Saudi, and this made it able to understand the differing tastes and stands on the desires of its consumers to satisfy them. Vision Through an integrated model system, we aim to become the largest retailer concerned with the elegance and beauty, and cover all the cities of Saudi Arabia by the end of 2017. Message Under our quest for excellence and in partnership with international consulting firms, we work hard to create products that lend beauty and elegance on our customers' life through high quality, competitive prices, distinctive show rooms and qualified staff. Values