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Distrilab company started producing of laboratory furniture in 2009 in Almaty.

The furniture intended for laboratories of any industry: oil and gas, oil and gas processing, mining and metallurgical, uranium, pharmaceutical, food and light industries, medical institutions and research institutes. Distrilab LLP has manufactured and installed specialized laboratory furniture in a variety of large organizations engaged in the oil and gas industry and the oil and gas processing industry, as well as in many other organizations that differ in the specificity of their work.

The specialized fume hoods for the mining and metallurgical industries, designed to meet the specific features of production, in accordance with international standards of reliability and quality.

The specialized tables for placement of chromatographic and spectral equipment - this is not simple lab furniture, but a part of the instrument itself, which complements it and makes the analysis process easier, and the results are more accurate!

Laboratory furniture series ELINE designed specifically for placement in educational institutions. The laminar cabinets and biological safety cabinets designed to create a dust-free anti-bacterial air environment, as well as to protect laboratory personnel, can be placed in the most advanced bioanalytical laboratories.