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AJEHM CORPORATION is a multinational company with offices in China, Germany, Mexico and the USA.  We offer an alternative solution to companies starting a business venture or introducing products to a new foreign market. We provide a personalized high quality service through our corporation, our subsidiaries and our excellent network of partners. We are committed and respectful of the traditions of the countries in which we operate and we do business within a framework of sustainable development.


AJEHM CORPORATION offers alternative consulting solutions for our customers in the following areas:

  • Business
  • Management
  • Legal
  • Accounting
  • Human Resources
  • Legal and commercial representations for all entities in the domestic and foreign market
  • Trading (All kinds of goods)


Our values are the essence of our business philosophy:

  • Excellence in our service
  • Respect for the environment
  • Solving problems and needs
  • Tolerance for customs


In 1998, a pioneer young entrepreneur had the idea of creating a transnational company to achieve a presence in strategic business markets around the globe.  Our first business experience started in Mexico.  Currently; we have a presence in three continents: America (Mexico, USA), Asia (China) and Europe (Germany).

Our mission is to provide solutions to our customers’ needs, through excellence, while respecting the environment and the way of life of the region within a framework of sustainable development.

We comply and respect our mission and vision while keeping in mind our priority: Customer satisfaction.


 AJEHM CORPORATION offers alternative solutions to problems and opportunities for our customers at the highest quality standards.

Coaching (Business and Management).

An alternative that promotes the creation of a platform to enhance the skills and qualities of managers and individuals at a business level. Through a gradual process of tight guidance and support from coach to coacher.  In order to design spaces of collaboration and set objectives for their personal and professional performance oriented to increase organizational performance in achieving their plans within the business scope.

Consulting (Legal, Accounting, HHRR and MKT).

An integral service on Professional advice for finding alternative solutions, management and monitoring in the legal, accounting, human resources and marketing issues. Through a resource efficiency program and strategy planning recommendations; considering its technical, organizational and human context to improve commerce and business management. Under ethical principles and respect of the confidentiality necessary to maximize results within their managerial practice, providing a direct client-consultant learning experience.

Legal and commercial representations in the domestic market and abroad. (Natural and legal persons).

A private agency function for the global commercial and legal representation, thereby increasing the presence of your products, brand or company into other markets through the accreditation of your interests in order to achieve commercial transactions and legal sale of all types of property, contracts and legal situations in the national territory and abroad. The interests of your organization are ours in scope and market penetration in a global level. 

Trading (All kinds of goods).

A service of foreign trade without intermediaries to buy and sell all kinds of consumer goods in the international market under the consideration of the location, characteristics and market demand conditions in order to realize the commercial operations that offer the highest transnational benefits and care about your corporate image in the markets in which it is intended to have presence.