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We junca came from Japan. Based on theme "結 -  Musubi - To unite", we are working to remove the fears of people in the world and realize a peaceful world. We started in a beauty industry, there is no discrimination by race or gender. This is our focus on. In 2009, We pursued Japan's advanced technology and high-quality User Experience, and developed "junca Salon", its technology "juncalogy", which provides the best time to pursue beauty without any chemical damaging for inner and outer health. In this way, we could get rid of women's concerns about beauty.

The word “純化 - junca” literally means “To purify, Be right, true, and honest” we believe that all women deserves to explore the richness of beauty.

Furthermore, we advanced to the Philippines. There are various problems in Asia, including economic problems. Filipinos can be active in the world especially in beauty industry. Based on our experience in Japan, we have quantitatively and logically built a program to hire Filipinos and develop them into top hair artists. It is "junca Academy".

Education is needed to further develop Asia.

Then, We have established "junca Global of Company". It evolved from the concept of "junca" to "Musubi". We aim to establish 1: OFW's overseas remittance 2: establish a scholarship program, through the cryptocurrency business "junca Coin" . We unite the world and creates a place where Asian can play an active part.

In other words, "open asians economically."

This is our mission as humanity. We doesn't focus only by helping Filipino's physical appearance but also helping them with a heart.

As holdings for these, "junca" always lead on social contribution and works to realize world peace.