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ABSA is one of the largest water and sanitation operators in Argentina, serving more than 2.5 million inhabitants of the province of Buenos Aires.

In 2016, and after a 12-year-deficit, the company adopted a new management model which could achieve a growing operating surplus, increasing its assets by 255%.

This new situation allowed the company to assume and implement an ambitious Works Plan, were the most important are:

  • Upgrade and revamping of Donato Gerardi Water Treatment Plant. Water production was doubled to 15,000 m3/h, benefiting 400,000 inhabitants of Gran La Plata, Buenos Aires capital city.
  • Execution of the 2,500 m3/h Wastewater Treatment Plant with nutrient removal located in Bahía Blanca, with the aim of protecting the environment.
  • General Rodriguez Wastewater Treatment Plant upgrade and expansion. The total treatment capacity doubled to serve 82,000 people.
  • Reverse Osmosis plants were installed throughout the province of Buenos Aires.

In 3 years, 200,000 m of piping have been replaced, approximately twice the amount done in the previous 12 years.