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South Africa


We at Noble Water Solutions (Pty) Ltd are a private company operating out of Cape Town, South Africa. We offer a sustainable solution to Africa’s water shortage by providing machinery to access the contaminated water that exists below ground, pump it to the surface using solar power or mains electricity where it enters our specially designed portable water treatment plants which contain a sterilization unit which filters and purifies the contaminated water making it suitable for drinking, the water complies with World Health Organisation standards. Our water stations can also pump contaminated water from alternative sources such as lakes, dams, rivers, streams, boreholes and reservoirs.

The Noble Water Treatment Plant (NWTP) is a patented design which to date has received 14 international awards (4 are world awards) for innovation in the field of civil engineering. The NWTP is the world’s first high-volume (10 000 litres per day using solar power & 48 000 litres per day using mains electricity), portable (10 dismantled units fit into a standard 6 metre freight container), solar-powered or mains electricity, low-maintenance (annually when using solar power & biannually when using mains electricity), water treatment plant. Using a combination of ionization and oxidation the NWTP destroys pathogens (disease causing organisms) and oxidizes heavy metals such as iron. The NWTP also carries out a limited amount of desalination.  Included in the purchase price NWS ships the container filled with dismantled units to the Buyer’s designated port or in the case of systems purchased in South Africa the units are delivered by road to the Buyer’s preferred location. Once the units have arrived at the destination NWS sends a technician to the location to instruct local personnel on how to assemble, commission and maintain the water stations. Consumables such as replacement sterilization units (depending on the level of contamination the sterilization units can be expected to last up to 5 years before needing to be replaced) are available on order from Cape Town, South Africa.