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South Africa


Memeza is a black women, crime victim started social enterprise providing safety to low income areas and vulnerable groups through Innovative Technologies. Why does only  affluent communities have access to house alarms, beams, detectors, cameras, dogs and high walls, which deter crime by up to 80%, yet, the most vulnerable and poor, the one more prone to violent crimes and sexual violence, has nothing? Memeza bridges that gap.

The Memeza Community Alarm technology system enables households, schools and small businesses to link directly with their Police Sector Vehicles, Community Policing Forums, Police and Neighbors, while tracking incidents and response times via an intelligent back end system. The Memeza technology was developed with input from South African Government departments such as The South African Police Services, The Centre for Public Service Innovation, The Innovation Hub and the Department of Trade and Industry and Business against Crime.

To date Memeza is safeguarding over 2500+ households and have proven to reduce sexual offenses by 67% and murder by 9% in communities where the technology has been piloted. Through Public Private Partnerships we bring safety to the most vulnerable people.

Memeza's vision is aligned with the National Development Plan on safety, and therefore all projects are geared towards achievement of these National Goals. Memeza participated  in the following socially critical projects and programmes in the past 12 months include:

  • Preparation and participation in National School Safety Summits
  • National South African Police Services -Community Events and Imbizo's
  • National campaigns against Gender Based Violence, Rape, Abuse in the North West Province (Hebrone), partnering with research done through the Colombia University (New York)
  • National Human Settlement Safety Model Framework alignment with projects kicking off in 2019
  • King Goodwill Zwelithini Social Crime Prevention Campaign(Newcastle)
  • Ministerial Crime Prevention Campaigns held at a National level within various provinces

Being part of Advisory Civil Societies for the UN Women Summit working with the Department of Women and DIRCO