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The appraisal company “Nazaret” has been operating since 2004.

The company offers all types of valuation services and property valuation advice.

It provides services for the independent assessment of the value of the property, namely: evaluation of objects in a material form (evaluation of unmovable things (unmovable property, real estate), including expert monetary valuation of land, evaluation of machinery and equipment, evaluation of vehicles, evaluation of aircraft, evaluation of shipping facilities, evaluation of movable things, other than those which are related to machinery, equipment, road vehicles, aircraft, shipping facilities and those which are representing cultural value) evaluation property complexes, share; valuation of securities, property rights and intangible assets, including the valuation of rights to intellectual property (valuation of integral property complexes, shares, securities, property rights and intangible assets (except of the valuation of intellectual property rights), valuation of rights on the objects of intellectual property); land valuation; monitoring of collateral objects; technical inventory).


Professional appraisers, recognized experts in their field work in the company, they are possessing vast experience and unique knowledge and skills that constantly improve their qualification, which altogether allows the company to feel itself confident in the valuation services market.

We are trusted by banks, corporate clients, clients.

We use the best domestic and international evaluation experience.

Orders are carried out efficiently and on time.

We guarantee confidentiality of relations with the customer.

The company has an impeccable reputation.

For more than 10 years of work, our main guideline is a high level of competence in this area and impeccable quality of services. In the process of working with a client, we strive to achieve complete mutual understanding, which allows for the preparation of reports within a specified period.

The main priority is a timely fulfillment of undertaken obligations and an individual approach to each client who turns to us.

Compliance with business ethics is central to the company's members.

Appraisers working in the company “Nazaret” are the current members of the SRO “Association of Evaluation Professionals” and the SRO “Ukrainian Society of Appraisers”. The company “NAZARET” is constantly expanding the geography of its services.

There is a network of regional branches that are located in all regional centers of Ukraine, which allows us to provide any advice from our specialists in a timely and efficient manner and both order and receive assessment services freely for all types of property or property rights. There is a loyalty program that allows regular customers to economize.

The company uses the latest IT-technology.

Cooperation with us guarantees partnerships.

There are special conditions for corporate clients!

Our team works for your success!