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Albanian Post is a postal service company in Albania, originally established in 1912 with the Declaration of Independence in November 28th 1912, and the creation of the first Albanian state. The temporary government of Ismail Qemali estimated the importance of postal service, and one week after the Declaration of Independence, it was created the Ministry of Post Telegraph Telephones. Albanian Post is member of Universal Postal Union and the International Union of Telecommunication since 1922. Albania Post is public service company client oriented, with its wide network spread out the whole territory up to the further rural areas, offers a wide range of postal and financial services having quality and competitive prices for the individuals, institutions, businesses, even for those who have no access to banking. Postal services include: Correspondence, letters, typography, small packages, parcels, EMS. Our vision is to be recognized as the best Albanian delivery company in and outside the country, maintaining our quality of service. The Albanian Post has been increasingly looking for getting new operational tools to increase the number of services, incomes, to explore innovative ideas and to implement them in the best way. One of the strongest points the Albanian Post management remains the reconciliation with new models of the market, technology and human resources. The Albanian Post has achieved a high performance which at the same time proves its ability to analyze, understand and meet the needs of the customers. According to the organizational structure of Albanian Post, it is a Legal Form Society: Society Shareholders (Sa). The only shareholder is the state. Organization and management bodies of the Company determined the status of the Company, adopted by the only shareholder, represented by the Minister of Economy. Management units of the company are: Supervisory Board and The Head Office. The Head Office Supervisory board consists of 6 (six) members. The members of Supervisory board are appointed by Minister of Economy according to criteria defined in legal acts. Supervisory Board constantly monitors the Managing divisions of the company. The number of Head Office personnel is determined by the vote of 2/3 of all Supervisory Council members. Albanian Post Head Office is headed by Director General and three Deputy Directors. Head Office takes decisions with a simple majority of member