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Goldline Mining Investment Group Limited is an internationally recognized conglomerate with a number of subsidiaries and renowned partners. Goldline operates in several industries including mining, construction, agriculture, infrastructure, real estate, crude oil, asset management and others.

The Group has its head office in Accra Ghana, from where it manages its projects and operations which are primarily in Africa and have offices at the various operational sites.

A key service that the company has provided for both public and private sector was the discovery of Ghana’s major Iron Ore Deposit. The company has worked extensively on exploration projects throughout Ghana and its neighboring countries. Goldline’s principal business region has been the Ashanti and Northern Regions of Ghana, where the company has worked on a full spectrum of projects ranging from reconnaissance surveys to advanced mineral exploration and resource drilling programs. We also have extensive experience of working in remote locations and the logistics to support survey programs. Goldline operates to the highest health and safety standards.

Goldline Group of Companies’ wider industry experience within Africa means that we have significant in-house experience in various licensing systems and legislation.

GOLDLINE MINING INVESTMENT GROUP LIMITED is a conglomerate of several companies. Goldline was initially incorporated in Clearwater, Florida as GOLDLINE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED. GOLDLINE MINING USA was also incorporated under the laws of the state of Delaware. In 2007, Mr. Emmanuel Ababio, the current CEO of the Group, founded Goldline Mining Ghana Limited in Ghana, as a company in the mining industry. He also founded other companies including Emmaland Resources Ghana Limited, Abzu Ghana Limited and Cardero Ghana Limited, which were all for the purpose of mining both natural minerals and base metals.

In 2016, GOLDLINE MINING INVESTMENT GROUP LIMITED was incorporated in Ghana to undertake several roles including commercial agriculture, infrastructure development, export and import, among others.

The Group, GOLDLINE MINING INVESTMENT GROUP LIMITED was formed in 2018, to be a conglomerate of all the companies founded and incorporated by the CEO, Mr. Emmanuel Ababio. Currently, the company has grown to 78 personnel. We offer and encourage the inclusion and training of client personnel alongside our seasoned teams as required. Goldline takes all reasonable steps to secure and maintain the health, safety and welfare of all employees, contractors, clients and member of the public who may be affected by our activities.

Goldline is advancing Ghana's economy through mineral exploration and prospecting, creating full feasibility perspectives in the mining industry and commercial agriculture, funded through private investment and corporate partnerships and focus on are responsible environmental practices and meaningful social responsibility for all stakeholders. Goldline achieves success through its interconnectivity with Ghanaian communities as well as government, diplomats, and traditional leader’s. Working with all groups without bias, GLM is trusted for their integrity and ability to meet stakeholder and shareholder expectations.

We exist to lead the growth of the Ghanaian Economy through exploration, discovery, prospecting, conclusive feasibilities and responsible management in the project development of Ghana’s rich mineral resources and agriculture, in association with Ghanaian and foreign investors. We achieve success through our technical expertise and motivated staff. We are determined to achieve high levels of production with an efficient plan and technical efficiency, whilst we are committed to our strategic and consolidated partnerships, with great respect to all stakeholders and the environment in all dimensions of our operations to which we inculcate a better consciousness in life and living.