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Taiwan (Republic of China)


GTIC Group is a diversified Asian conglomerate led by Mr. Victor Soh and Ms. Syengnel Loh.

From our beginning, in 2004 we have worked to provide solutions and products to our regional customer base. GTIC Group has grown to have operations in Malaysia, Taiwan, China, Australia, Myanmar and Singapore.

We operate in three main sectors: precious metals, property development and regional agribusiness. In each of these sectors we develop businesses that support our vision of becoming a leading supplier of luxury lifestyle and investment products to our regional customer base.

Within the precious metals sector GTIC Group is working to establish itself a key regional market leader with a combination of innovative refining technologies, high-quality investment products combined with a significant retail footprint in China and Malaysia.

One of the core philosophies of GTIC Group is our belief that being in business is not enough. From our earliest days we have believed that we must give back to the less fortunate in the communities that we operate in through extensive charitable activities.

Mr. Soh upon his graduation, has involved himself in Equity & Commodities trading, with the aim of gaining first hand experience in Financial Markets. He then join Welmix Concrete Dubai LLC where he gained another five years of management experience as an Executive Director.

Mr. Soh was also intensively engaged in the oil, gas and gold industry during his tenure in Dubai. Armed with his experience he incorporated GTIC Group in Singapore in year 2014.

Equipped with the availability of advanced technologies in Singapore, GTIC has developed and expanded its business portfolio within Asia. This has given GTIC recognition and the leverage to further engaged itself with regional government institutions and related agencies.

Mr. Soh leads GTIC Group operations across the region and provides the strategic vision and high level of government and client engagement to enhance the GTIC Group to continue its solid growth.

Ms. Loh has immense drive and enthusiasm in her friendly & appealing manner which has acquainted her friends with people from all over the world. Her desire to learn & observe different cultures, has facilitate her passion, to spend years of her career in various countries.

In addition, Ms. Loh is responsible in leading the GTIC Group retail sales and financial teams across the Group's business activities. She is passionate about the Group's charitable and corporate social responsibility programs and play a lead role in the Group's engagement in charitable causes.

GTIC Group is:

  • A leading participant in the development of precious metals industry
  • Developing an integrated business model from mining, through refining and onto a large scale retail of physical precious metals

• Providing sophisticated digital platforms for physical precious metals purchase and management for investors.