THE ACHIEVEMENTS FORUM – 2020. Promising regions in Focus


Date: 17-18 April 2020

Venue: 116 Pall Mall, London SW1Y 5ED


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Annual Achievements Forum

suggests unique combination of ideas and inspiration, stimulates new thinking and motivates people for action, creates wonderful opportunities for communication at the highest level. 

Mission of the Forum is to increase business activity between countries, establish partnerships and get acquainted with the latest business ideas for promoting goods and services, exchange best practices in companies, educational and scientific institutions and territories management. 

The Forum consists of presentation and ceremonial parts and will be held at one of the most prestigious event venues in the UK. 


17 April 2020



It is the Achievements Forum that forms the Register of the best regional companies and organizations ‘TOP-100. Achievements 2020’ and provides them with a reputable international platform for demonstrating innovative cases and successes in the field of quality and management. 

The key participants are owners and TOP business managers, representatives of state and municipal authorities, investors, heads of scientific and educational institutions, leading providers of medical services, business planning and management experts, delegations of business clubs, professional and scientific associations and unions, diplomats and journalists.




  • - Presentation and honoring of the winners of the Register ‘TOP-100. Achievements 2020’ in 4 nominations
  • - 50+ speakers from 40 countries
  • - 4 presentation sessions
  • - Online broadcasting on the official EBA channel
  • - Unrivaled communication opportunities
  • - Effective PR services for the best regional companies and institutions
  • - Gala Reception in honor of participants and guests


Presentation sessions

The dynamic program of the Forum includes 4 presentation sessions: ‘Business and Economics’, ‘Science and Education’, ‘Medicine and Healthcare’ and ‘City and Territory Management’. 

Gala reception in honor of the winners of the ‘TOP-100 Register. Achievements 2020’ and Forum guests

Awarding of regional leaders in the fields of business, science, healthcare and city management with prestigious EBA awards.

The Ceremony will mark the best organizations, companies and figures for outstanding achievements in the fields of international relations, economics, politics, science and public life. Regional leaders and prominent institutions are invited to this gala event. 

The Achievement Forum 2020 has particular, exceptional importance to the Organizing Committee and the Expert Council, as it takes place during the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Europe Business Assembly (EBA), its strategic partner and initiator, formation. 

For 20 years the Europe Business Assembly has been consistently fulfilling its main mission - uniting business on all continents, building a world of successful people, shaping the style and image of the modern Leader.

There will be memorable festive moments, surprises and souvenirs from the Anniversary for participants and guests of the Forum. 

Special events and accents

  • - EBA initiatives as organizations with special consultative status of the UN Economic and Social Council
  • - EBA Initiatives on the Protection from Unfair Information - Presentation of the Anti-fake news Investigation Agency (AIA)
  • - Style and lifestyle of the modern Leader - presentation of the EBA Luxury Lifestyle programme
  • - Premiere of the corporate film ‘EBA Chronicle 2000-2020’
  • - Photo exhibition ‘EBA and its Heroes - Year after Year’
  • - Presentation of EBA anniversary edition ‘Outstanding personalities of modern times” (Laureates of EBA. 2000-2020)
  • - Photo session on the red carpet of EBA for participants of the anniversary event.





Morning coffee / tea and registration 


Official welcome speeches of the organizers and partners of the EBA Forum - greetings from our distinguished EBA award-winning contemporaries.

Success Stories – companies’ presentations.


Presentation sessions

‘Business and Economics’

‘Management of cities and territories’

‘Medicine and healthcare’

‘Science and education’ 


Business lunch and networking 


Continuation of Presentation Sessions

‘Business and Economics’

‘Management of cities and territories’

‘Medicine and healthcare’

‘Science and education’ 


Summing up the Forum 


Welcome cocktail and photo session.

Presentation of the anniversary edition “Outstanding personalities of modern times”.
Interview - session of the official partners of the Forum and the heroes of the book for publication The Leaders Times’ E – magazine.


Gala reception in honor of the winners of the ‘TOP-100 Register. Achievements 2020’ and Forum guests.

Gala dinner, traditional musical divertissement.

Photo / video session and communication opportunities.

Dress code: men - business suit, tuxedo or dress coat, women - evening / cocktail dress.


Participants and guests can take pictures and video at the event.




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