BUSINESS CONSULTING: Acquire the taste of Alpine honey

34343434The team of specialists is ready to provide individual consulting services on contemporary problems of crisis management.

Prof. John A. Netting (UK) – economic consultant of the Government of St. Petersburg, Russia, associate professor at a number of universities of Britain, Cyprus, and Russia. Director General of the International Association of Social Partnership ‘E.B.A.’, Oxford, UK.

Christina Briggs (UK) – holder of ‘platinum’ card of Tony Robinson’s leadership movement, developer of author's programmes on leadership, the president of GBC.

Dr Vincenzo Costigliola (Belgium) – doctor of medicine, the author of unique marketing developments in the field of medical tourism, a speaker-consultant on health issues of the Belgian Parliament, the editor-in-chief of annual European catalog ‘Best Medical Practice’, the president of European Medical Association (Brussels, Belgium).

Heinz Werle (Switzerland) – a certified hoteler. With his direct involvement, hundreds of unique projects in the field of hospitality and branding of cities were realized: Managing Partner of Horwath Company (Switzerland).

Dr Rui Verde (UK) is ECOSOC economic consultant, the author of exclusive leadership programmes in economics and law. Doctor of Economics, Doctor of Law, Professor (UK), Director of OAU Educational Programmes Committee.

The list of GCL experts includes over one hundred highly trained professionals from 300 universities and business schools of the world – members of the Academic Union, Oxford, UK.


• Individual consultation;
• Individual consultation with departure to the enterprise;
• Participation in public lectures with departure to the university or the enterprise;
• Participation in the opening of national and regional conferences, symposia, exhibitions;
• Review and examination of scientific articles and collections;
• Preparation of introductory article for a monograph or collection;
• Assistance in the literary editing of scientific articles and collections by an English-speaking editor, prepress with the assignment of British ISNN;
• Expert review of entries submitted to annual contest ‘Scientist of the Year’, organization of participation in Internet exhibition ‘Science & Education’.

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