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On March 25 for the second consecutive year Achievements Forum was held online.

The Achievement forum traditionally became a major high-profile business event in the corporate and academic calendar and brings together heads of companies, chancellors of universities and outstanding leaders from around the globe. 

During the past two years Achievement forum transformed its format from live to online and serves as a powerful platform for international community to showcase investment opportunities to the global business public.

Within the framework of the forum the Awards Ceremony recognised the best companies and individuals for outstanding achievements in the fields of international relations, economics, politics, science and public life.  


During the award ceremony outstanding doctors, business people and academics from over 20 countries were presented with special prizes. 

- Lifetime Achievements Award is a symbol of being a part in an elite business community, which strengthens personal image of the company's leader, expands partnerships and business horizons.

- Best Regional Enterprise and Manager of the Year awards celebrate the success of the best businesses and TOP managers from all continents. 

- European Quality Award  -  for the desire to achieve high quality of products and services in accordance with European standards. 

-United Europe Award for supporting democratic and European values.

Honorary Professor of The Academic Union title honours outstanding individuals for participating in the development of comprehensive programs to enhance the investment attractiveness of their regions, the development of training programs. 


The Name in Medical Science and Practice Award recognises personal contribution to medical science, achievements in the development of national healthcare, as well as contribution to solving regional and global social and environmental problems.

Europe Business Assembly and Achievements forum organizing committee congratulates all award winners and wishes them new achievements and prosperity! 

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