The BBC Russian service, the Inter TV channel, many other publications, Internet portals and individual bloggers, referring to the article in the Times newspaper on July 24, 2017, published untrue information discrediting my honor and professional reputation. I consider it expedient to state my position in this article. 

  •  1) None of the editors met or spoke to me while preparing materials for the Times newspaper.
  •  2) Partners, experts, organizations and institutions with whom I have been working successfully for many years have undergone a massive telephone blackmail by journalists of the newspaper with the requirement to stop participating in our projects and programs.
  •  3) Institutions of different levels in the UK and other countries have received journalistic inquiries in order to uncover compromising material.
  •  4) Journalists interviewed our clients and former colleagues, trying to rely on someone's negative opinion. Paparazzi were constantly on duty at the EBA office.
  •  5) Collecting of compromising material was carried out for six months; activists from different countries were drawn to this large-scale work.

Massive assault and the pressure returned no results: the authorities, partners and colleagues confirmed loyalty to the company and to me personally. Not having specific compromising facts, the journalist, nevertheless, fulfilled the order: a biased, accusatory article appeared in the newspaper. And now let me highlight on some analytical statements.

Europe Business Assembly (EBA) is not an exclusive company in its field of activity. Hundreds of British firms are engaged in a similar business: "they sell" phony "diplomas" (which, by the way, are hung in every English office). As everyone understands, these diplomas are issued "absolutely for free". Employees of these companies "work for free". The owners of luxury halls absolutely "free of charge" provide them for solemn ceremonies. Such is, you know, the world of capital – all for free.

However, the ‘Times’ is hardly interested in British companies. It is important to understand - who dared to enter the market of Foggy Albion so actively? Who left the English competitors behind on the ladder of business triumph? Who is depriving the English establishment of "millions of pounds"? And when it became clear that the Ukrainians were behind all this, the British press fully manifested its mentality: it attacked an uncomfortable foreign competitor, defending national interests.

I, like many other "fathers" of a multinational holding company from England, Belgium, Switzerland, Hungary and many other countries, have nothing to justify myself. EBA works in the legal field of Britain and the European Union. It is a really successful company in the field of event management and MICE (business tourism) and EBA is short-listed in the first hundred in the B2B event sector. Every year we hold dozens of prestigious summits not only in Oxford and London, but also in France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, etc. The participants of our summits are well-known politicians, city managers, diplomats, scientists, businessmen.

A creative and energetic team of professionals from different countries is working developing EBA projects. We use the latest innovative event technologies; we have a unique marketing strategy, business procedures and strong management. The success of EBA is based not only on the professionalism of the team, but, first of all, on the trust from clients and partners.

We are really very ambitious. And I know that our company will take the leading positions in the world event services’ market in the next two - three years. It is extremely difficult to defeat such a competitor intellectually, organizationally and technically. So they applied ‘black PR’ against us, darkening our business activities.

I regret so much that the Ukrainian journalists, motivated by the credibility of the British editions, quickly picked up the version outlined by a colleague from England. And an honest, professional personality was represented in black in the public eye.

I am grateful to many of my friends from Europe and Ukraine for their support. Together we will definitely win. Truth will prevail!

Upon the publication in ‘The Times’, EBA posted an address to our friends and partners on the official website, which gives an objective assessment of the PR attack and sheds light on the nuances of the EBA professional activities. #I_SUPPORT_EBAOXFORD

Anton Savvov, Board Member, EBA

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