Welcome Address of Europe Business Assembly Director General

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, 
Let me say that it is a real pleasure to welcome you to our newly finished website. 
This year is a very special one for Europe Business Assembly (EBA) as we celebrate our 15th anniversary. 
In April 2000 EBA was established in Oxford by a group of forward thinkers from business and academia with a view to fill in the communication gap between the West and the East. Our first projects attracted large groups of participants predominantly from Europe to share and learn leading experience in education and business fields. 
As we progressed, our geographic span grew over to Asia, Africa, the Americas and as far as Australia.  Today we are proud to have partners and clients from over 70 countries worldwide. 
Together with our geographic expansion our project portfolio grew to over 20 bespoke international services. Just to name a few:
  • Prime Business Destination – programme for city development and sustainability. 
  • The Academic Union – academic network promoting accessible education 
  • The Summit of Leaders – leading interactive debate and experience sharing platform 
All of the above and more can be discovered on our new website. 
I hope you find it useful and informative. 
Wish you happy experience and please send us your feedback. 
Yours faithfully, 
John W. A. Netting (Prof) 
Europe Business Assembly Director General

Europe Business Assembly

Head Office Tel: +44 (o) 1865 251 122
Fax: +44 (o) 1865 251 113

Socrates Nomination Committee

Executive Secretary
Anna Gorobets
Tel: +44 7852160605

The Socrates Almanac Editorial

Tel: +44 1865251122

The Academic Union, Oxford

Programme coordinator:
Diana Berezanska
Tel: +44 7597536277

Investment Promotion & Marketing Center

Executive Secretary:
Marina Sandulyak
Tel: +44 7513887395

EBA Global

VIP Programme Coordinator
Anastasia Mallwill
Tel: +44 7597707593

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