The Official Address to Friends and Partners of Europe Business Assembly

Friends and partners of Europe Business Assembly!


‘If someone wants to see light – they will see light;
If someone wants to see darkness – they will see darkness!’

First of all, we are very grateful for thousands of support letters from our partners and clients worldwide in relation to recent negative articles about EBA in British and international press. These unsubstantiated articles are based on the subjective opinion of a so-called anonymous ex-employee of EBA.
These articles attempt to darken reputation of not only EBA, but also thousands of our clients, partners. We take this very seriously and would like to inform you about our official position:

1) Europe Business Assembly (EBA), Oxford

EBA was established in Oxford in 2000 and works in accordance with English law. Its headquarters are based in Oxford. We have never claimed any affiliation to the University of Oxford or any British governmental institutions. Our company is a world leading event company. During our 17 year history, over 120 world-class conferences have been successfully organized. Our professional team consists of representatives from many international countries. Over 8,000 companies from 50 countries worldwide have participated in our summits. In our history we have not received a single official complaint from any of our clients.

2) Legitimacy of our awards

Our diplomas, certificates, and awards are officially registered with the Intellectual Property Office and are intellectual property of Europe Business Assembly i.e. Best Enterprise Prize number UK00003105713, Socrates Award UK00003105710 etc. For the right to use the above, official licenses are granted. No fees are charged for awards.

3) Budget, registration and accreditation fees.

EBA is proud to be an independent self-financed organization that does not rely on grants or governmental support. All of its activities are financed through registration and accreditation fees of its members, partners and participants. In addition, EBA is a socially responsible business that supports a number of charitable projects.

4) Award nomination process

EBA has a rigorous transparent selection process for recognition of the best organizations and personalities amongst our international community.

5) Our speakers

In order to deliver best knowledge and practice for our clients as well as maintain high profile of our events EBA invites high caliber speakers.

6) Our project and academic programmers

EBA’s projects are aimed at the promotion of economic integration, and support of dynamically developing companies and regions. Our marketing centers monitor leading world companies and encourage investment that creates new jobs and additional taxation. Our consultancy sessions are aimed at top level executives and delivered by professional lecturers and practitioners.

7) The press

We believe in freedom of speech and the press for informing the public about world events and are tolerant of all opinions, be they from competitors, anonymous informers, or trend following journalists. However, we condemn one-sided critics of our company. Each successful organization at one time or another in its history faces negative attacks. We have only become stronger and more convinced in rightfulness of our activities.


Together we are stronger! VIRIBUS UNITIS!
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