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Europe Business Assembly has established a marketing platform to promote the best goods, technologies, works and services on the international market. The project involves companies, manufacturers and developers of goods, technologies, works, and services of high quality. In order to select such companies and attract to them investors and business partners, the project participants are presented with special quality marks - 'Quality Standard' and International Certificate of Excellence in Investment and Innovation (ICEII). Eligibility of the company to the standards is evaluated by performance.


How company benefits from an effective tool?

• Witness the high quality of products, goods, works, and services
• Increase business attractiveness of projects and technologies
• Join the programme for cities and territories undergoing economic and investment growth
• Expand markets
• Enter the list of the world's leading companies 




The certificate confirms that the company is focused on investment priorities and can minimize risks, as well as it possesses viable attractiveness features

Attractiveness Criteria

• Attractiveness of products

• Informational attractiveness

• Workforce attractiveness

• Innovative attractiveness

• Financial attractiveness

• Territorial attractiveness

• Environmental attractiveness

• Social attractiveness




The quality mark 'Quality Standard' and license provides the right: 

• Lobbying the interests of the company as the supplier of quality and competitive products, technologies, and services at the investment attractive territories

• Use of the ‘Quality Standard’ brand and logo in commercial activities
• Placement of information about the EBA licensed product, technology, work, or service on the official web-sources during the license validity
• Including the profile of goods, technologies, works, or services to the annual catalogue “Best Products of the Year” 
• Placement of the company profile, products, technologies, promising projects, innovative technologies, and materials at the event brochures of the investment forums, summits, conferences under the auspices of EBA within the license validity (up to 750 characters)
• Subscription to ЕВА official newsletter ‘The Leaders Times e-Magazine’
• Inclusion of a company profile to the Special Edition of the ‘Leaders Times e-Magazine’
• Press-release about awarding the company with the ‘Quality Standard’ mark
• Recommendation letters on behalf of EBA (upon request) 


Testimonials from the 'Quality Standard' Holder


Check-list for application

Fill out the Application Form and inform about the product, goods, technologies, works, or services providing detailed descriptions of product characteristics, competitive advantages, and certification involved

Get an expert conclusion on shortlisting of products, goods, technologies, works, or services into the specialized ‘Quality Standard Registry’, (the document will be provided during presenting of the Quality Standard attributes

Purchase a license to use the quality mark (The license is granted for a fixed term (1 year) and can be prolonged. The license validity period is specified in the certificate and license)

Receive the attributes of the quality mark ‘Quality Standard’ (commemorative medal, certificate, license, the Quality Standard logo and image for commercial and PR purposes, to be placed on products, packaging, to be used in business correspondence 


Download official profile of the QS registered trade mark


Requirements for the Aplication 

The following documents are required to apply:

‐ Completed Application Form (on approved form);
- Data confirming the high quality of products/ services, the dynamics of development, and leading market position;
- Copies of certificates, licenses and awards to testify the company status;
‐ CEO’s photo;
- Official promotional press-releases about the company and products 


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