Intensive Expert Session on 'HR & Team Management'

August 23-25, Academic Lounge Oxford, UK
A 3-day intensive training programme

Key points:
- Power in Business Relationships
- Employee Motivation
- Organisational Behaviour


The Oxford Advanced Programme in High Education Leadership Management

29-31 August, Academic Lounge Oxford, UK

Upgrade your professional skills on educational management and coordination functions in Oxford - the capital of education. Individually designed for rectors, chancellors and upper-level executives of Universities and educational institutions an innovative 3-day intensive learning programme will introduce workable strategies and an overview of the highest standards to the educational sector policies. The course will be presented in Portuguese.

'The Grand Investiture of the Saint Stanislas Order'

15-18 September, Vienna, Austria

Save the date of the Special Charitable and Ceremonial Event of the year – The Grand Investiture of the Austrian Grand Priory of the Saint Stanislas Order (16 September, Vienna, Austria). Members of the international charitable non-profit association uphold ancient traditions of chivalry and support various projects to help poor and disadvantaged in Europe and globally. The great Order gathering will take place at the most beautiful and outstanding locations in Vienna - SCHONBRUNN PALACE. The event consists of the formal ceremonies and procedures, receptions and gala-dinner, high-profile networking with members of one of the historically significant chivalry organizations in Europe and all over the globe, guided city tours and splendid cultural experience.

Intensive Expert Session 'Marketing for Senior Executives'

September 19-21, Academic Lounge Oxford, UK
A 3-day intensive training programme

Key points:
- International Marketing
- Marketing your business online
- Writing for Web

Business Triumph & European Awards Night

07 October, Cannes, France


6-7 October, Cannes, France

Feel the magnificence and splendour of the Côte d'Azur in Cannes, France - World Capital of Festivals! International Festival ‘Business Triumph & European Awards Night’ will provide a high-profile gathering and unsurpassed B2B networking together with VIP receptions, parties, master-classes, press conferences & interviews. Your brand will benefit from the high-end luxury global show-room promotion!

EMA General Assembly

21-22 November, London, UK

The European Medical Association and EBA are delighted to invite healthcare service providers to EMA Annual General Assembly in London. The function will be held within the ‘Acute & General Medicine’ - the largest gathering of senior hospital doctors in the UK and overseas. Do not miss a professional clinical excellence platform for learning, networking, practicing hands-on skills, sourcing new products! The agenda includes a dedicated EMA presentation, clinical trainings in 12 specialisations, meetings with exhibitors and consultants, professional consulting, EMA General Assembly reception.

‘Summit of Leaders 2017’

19 December, Oxford Town Hall, Oxford, UK


‘Summit of Leaders 2017’ has become the traditional grand-scale annual gathering of regional business and academic elite from 48 countries, the climax forum for honourable members and partners of the Academic Union, Oxford and the Club of Rectors of Europe. It provides the multicultural platform between science, education, R&D, business and investment through key-note presentations, case studies, seminars and round tables, providing the efficient overview of modern trends and accents.

‘Investment Management for Corporate Leaders’

January 25-27, Academic Lounge Oxford, UK
A 3-day intensive training programme



Special Session of ‘The Best Medical Practice Project’ in Dubai

January 30-31, Dubai, UAE
The special session of the 'Best Medical Practice' project and expert visit of EMA to Arab Health 2017





Intensive Expert Session 'Investment Management'

May 17-19, Academic Lounge Oxford, UK
A 3-day intensive training programme





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